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Born in Osaka in 1938, Yuko Nasaka was one of the few women to become a member of the avant-garde Gutai group; in 1963, aged only twenty-four years old, she was invited to join by the leader of the group, Jiro Yoshihara, which was a juror of the Ashiya City Art Exhibition when he first visioned Nasaka’s work and
was impressed by her talent.
During the ‘60s Nasaka explored different innovative styles. Some of her works at this time were executed by drilling numerous holes onto large sheets of cardboard, which were later replaced by plywood.
But her most recognizable and acclaimed style involves the creation of ceramic tyles shaped in a circular form, that conveys the concept of infinity and perfection.

Yuko Nasaka: Text


Nasaka_red cropped.jpg


Resin and lacquer on board, framed

45.5 x 45.5 cm (17.9  x  17.9 in)
Executed in 1963

Visual Check Report -  GG036 cropped 2.j


Resin and lacquer on board, framed

44.5 x 44.5 cm (17.5  x  17.5 in)
Signed, dated and stamped on the back.
Executed in 1984

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